FSDSS-120 A beautiful masseuse and a lucky customer

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Kaname Momojiri is a pretty and obedient girl with a dream of changing her life in a luxurious city. From a young age she was more diligent than her peers. While her peers only ate and drank milk tea, she was went to the city to find a job... The first job that she was accepted for after just a few short minutes of interview was a job that was both fun and full of money and was a massage for guys, with a look Besides being cute, it wasn't too surprising that she was accepted right away =)), after the quick interview came the probationary step. She was just a toddler, so she was a bit shy with her first customer. Instead of angry, the customer felt quite excited because he was able to tease the innocent employee like this. He gently guided her step by step on how to make a man climax. First he let her try feeling the cock with her mouth. With her agility and eagerness to learn, she soon became proficient at sucking cock. Then he gently guided his erect cock. into that round butt, the extreme pleasure made everyone numb in their pants.... Time passed as he quickly inserted his cock into her cunt like a train entering a cave with each gentle moan echoing. It makes so many guys sob, even if it were me, I wouldn't be able to hold back for that long ^^! It's too long, so guys, just take it slow and enjoy it.

FSDSS-120 A beautiful masseuse and a lucky customer
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