IPX-567 Fucking the obnoxious manager's wife

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When the manager invited him home to visit, the director was even more happy to see that he had such a beautiful wife. Many dark thoughts were also starting to appear in his mind. Thinking of a way to ask to stay at the manager's house for a few days, he continuously looked for opportunities to approach his wife. Not long after, a good opportunity arrived. That night, while the husband was taking a shower, he quickly seized the opportunity and entered the beautiful wife's room. Suddenly he pressed down on her and raped her. The wife did not had time to react and resist, she could only lie still and endure because he had controlled her entire body. Although it was only a very short time, a lot of bad things happened. In just a few minutes, the manager was unable to protect his wife, causing her to be miserably raped. Too fast too dangerous.

IPX-567 Fucking the obnoxious manager's wife
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